superfluous sincerity

My heart drowns in its own superfluous sincerity.


The Childerness

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Scans - Olivia and Dhani Harrison, photographed in Maui, Hawaii and Switzerland in 2001 by George Harrison. Scanned from Harrison.

Photos: George Harrison

"[H]is family that he loved - Olivia his beautiful and courageous wife, and Dhani, the son of whom he was so proud." - George Martin [x]

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I wish to know
what waits ahead,
I wish I could discover
some sleep in bed.

But here I lie
looking for faith,
with no God to believe in
and a heart full of waste.

If there’s any advice
that I could give,
it might be to dump
your new phone
and speak from within.

—   I wonder if Dr. Seuss saw the iPhone 6 plus coming - j.b. (via youshouldacceptchaos)

“The heart was made to be broken.”

—   Oscar Wilde (via voranscheitern)

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These are pictures from my walking tour of “Luneburg under the swastika” as they called it. Former Nazi buildings and memorials, and it was just really crazy. This is where the head of the SS force (Heinrich Himmler) killed himself. Otherwise Luneburg was spared during the bombing of Germany, with the exception of the train station. So the other day while I was on my tour they were starting to evacuate part of the city because they found a leftover WWII bomb and everything went smoothly, I’m glad it’s over! But it was a very chilling day. I still can’t believe all that happened here.

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Landing/Grounding, 2011
Sarah Awad


Landing/Grounding, 2011

Sarah Awad

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